A Night in the Linkin’ Bedroom

January 14, 2012

Some things I enjoyed reading this week:

All about what would happen if you fell onto a  lava pool (hint: you wouldn’t sink). Follow-up here.

Pizza and subway fares in New York rise in price together.

Kevin Drum on file-sharing and theft, with good follow-up by Megan McCardle.

I liked this Jon Bernstein post on different ways of “knowing” things.

Seth Masket nails the correct response to the Hillary-replace-Biden meme: who the hell wants to b Vice President?

Andrew Rudalevige had a nice post on the 75th anniversary of the Brownlow Commission report.

Brendan Nyhan on media and expectations in the primaries.

I don’t know why I was captivated by this slate.com piece on Rick Ross and faux-gangster-ism in rap. But I was.

Turns out the red-wine-is-good-for-you studies were faked. Why am I not surprised.


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