GOP Primary Candidate Venn Diagram #5: Rick Perry

December 23, 2011

Other Candidate Venn Diagrams

Newt Gingrich , 12/19/11

Jon Huntsman, Jr., 12/20/11

Willard Mitt Romney, 12/21/11

Michele Bachmann, 12/22/11

Herman Cain, 12/25/11

Rick Santorum, 12/28/11

Ron Paul, 12/31/11


One Response to GOP Primary Candidate Venn Diagram #5: Rick Perry

  1. Of Deadlocks and Dark Horses | Matt Glassman on February 28, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    […] the lack thereof. Austin is, of course, named for Stephen F. Austin, who managed to make it into one of my GOP Candidate Venn Diagrams back in December. I’m sure by Wednesday my thoughts will have marinated in the warm Texas air […]

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